Blueberry Vanilla Matcha Smoothie

An energizing fusion of blueberry and Vanilla Matcha.
Blueberry Vanilla Matcha Smoothie - Mosi Tea

Blueberry Vanilla Matcha Smoothie


Tools + Equipment


STEP 1: Add Mosi Vanilla Matcha powder to your infuser.

STEP 2: Pour water (about 185 degrees which has small boiling bubbles) into your infuser through the spout. Secure infuser.

STEP 3: Shake for 2-4 minutes. Let the tea sit for 15 minutes or until it is cooled off.

STEP 4: Meanwhile, add frozen blueberries, honey, and milk to your blender.

STEP 5: Pour the tea into blender then blend all ingredients until smooth.

STEP 6: Pour the smoothie into a glass and enjoy!⁠

Photo credit: C&H Sugar,