The only infuser to brew anything anywhere
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Say goodbye to a messy brewing process and the tools that come with it. The All in One Infuser simplifies how and where you brew the perfect cup of anything! Enjoy loose leaf, coffee, matcha, cold brew, and other infusions anywhere. Its durable, double walled design allows you to brew at home or on the go with ease. BPA & BPS Free Dishwasher safe Leak proof flip top Shatter resistant

Bold & Sweet

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Morning Black is the perfect way to start your day. Expect a bold black tea with a subtle honey-like sweetness. Brew it hot, iced or as a cold brew. A garden-picked Orthodox Assam black tea High in caffeine and antioxidants 50g loose leaf tea (25 cups)

Grassy & Sweet

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Vanilla Matcha is a classic creamy duo that’s earthy yet sweet. It’s delicious as a hot or iced latte. A garden-picked matcha blended with vanilla Medium in caffeine, and high in l-theanine and antioxidants 25g loose leaf tea (15 cups)

Nutty & Floral

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Rooibos Lavender is a naturally nutty and sweet herbal infusion with an airy aroma that begs you to wind down. Brew it hot or iced with a squeeze of lemon. A mountain-picked rooibos with lavender Caffeine-free and high in antioxidants 50g loose herbal tea (25 cups)
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The perfect starter gift for anyone wanting to brew anything! Experience not one, but three premium teas. All 100% garden-picked. All delicious. Included: All in One Infuser (Includes all attachments) Morning Black Tea (50g) Rooibos Lavender Herbal Tea (50g) Vanilla Matcha Tea(25g)
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The perfect starter gift for anyone that loves tea at home or on the go, or anyone looking to add it to their routine. It includes two of our most popular classics: an energizing black tea and a refreshing green tea. All 100% hand and garden-picked tea. All delicious. Included: Mosi Tea Infuser  Morning Black Tea (50g) Green Mint (50g)