Limited Release

Exclusive access to rare, small batch teas from around the world

Exclusive access to rare, small batch teas from around the world

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Why Limited Release?

If you’re looking for a monthly tea club, you’re in the wrong place. At Mosi Tea, we often come across rare teas that can’t be bought in bulk, but believe you should still have access to these “diamond in the rough” teas. That’s what Limited Release is… Access to random drops of tea from master artisans, ancient tea trees, or blends that we unveil in our search of really good teas from all over the world.

Ultra Premium

Only the finest teas with exceptional flavor profiles and rarity

Hand Crafted

Each batch is hand picked, to preserve the tea's delicate nature.

Limited Drops

Access to small-batch releases that you can’t fine elsewhere

Next Release: Golden Pearl

Only 40 bags (25g) available

This delicate, golden tip black tea is from Hunwal Garden in Assam, India. It’s a premium tea grown and processed using traditional methods. The tea leaves are hand-picked and sorted to select only the finest golden tips. The unique terroir imparts a distinct flavor and aroma to the tea. Its full-bodied flavor and smooth, velvety texture make it a truly special tea that is highly sought after by tea connoisseurs around the world.