Subtle & Refreshing
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White Peach is a luxurious blend of first flush white tea with chucks of peaches freeze dried at peak ripeness. It has a pleasantly sweet aroma and a mild peach flavor with a hint of tanginess. The rarity of this blend is due to the precision in plucking only the longest leaves, a meticulous process that makes it impossible to mass produce. This specific white tea is only sold to a few places on earth, and is a seasonal staple at The Peninsula Hotel in Honk Kong (considered the best hotel in the world) on their Afternoon Tea Voyages on the Victorian Harbor. A garden-picked white tea from the high Himalayan mountains Caffeine free and high in antioxidants 25g loose leaf tea
Rich & Malty
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Golden Pearl Black Tea from Hunwal Garden in Assam is a premium tea grown and processed using traditional methods. The tea leaves are hand-picked and sorted to select only the finest golden tips.  Its full-bodied flavor and smooth, velvety texture make it a truly special tea that is highly sought after by tea connoisseurs around the world.  A garden-picked and hand rolled Assam golden tip tea High in caffeine and antioxidants 25g loose leaf tea