Morning Boost Smoothie

A perfect way to kickstart your day with a boost of energy. Made with Morning Black tea, banana, strawberries, and Greek yogurt, this smoothie is not only healthy and nutritious, but it also tastes delicious! The tea provides a caffeine kick to help you wake up and the combination of fruit and yogurt gives you a dose of vitamins and protein to keep you going throughout the day.
Morning Boost Smoothie - Mosi Tea

Morning Boost Smoothie


Tools + Equipment


STEP 1: Fill the silicone sieve with Morning Black tea and secure it to the Mosi Infuser lid.

STEP 2: Attach the lid and pour water (about 212F degrees which has small boiling bubbles) into your infuser through the spout.

STEP 3: Lock and flip the infuser upside down for 2-4 minutes.⁠

STEP 4: Get a blender then blend all ingredients together.

STEP 5: Pour the smoothie into the glass. Enjoy!

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