Best Teas to Boost Metabolism

Out with ''skinny teas.'' In with real, loose leaf teas that just so happen to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Best Teas to Boost Metabolism - Mosi Tea

These days, the term ''metabolism boosting'' has almost become a buzzword in the wellness industry. From celebrities promoting ''skinny teas'' to fad workouts, this phrase is all the rage -- and it may seem like you need to dish out a lot of cash to achieve it. But if you're looking to boost your metabolism (for weight loss, or general health), you don't need to be buying into the trendy products or services. Instead, you can look to tea -- the simple, delicious beverage that may help you ''hack'' your way to a faster metabolism.

In this blog, we'll share a few great options for metabolism boosting teas that you can add to your daily routine, without breaking the bank account.



What is metabolism?

In short, metabolism is your body's process of breaking down what you eat and drink, and turning it into energy that you can use to fuel your day. Essentially, this process combines the calories in food and beverage with oxygen to convert them into usable energy.

This energy is then used for a multitude of functions, from breathing to repairing cells and circulating blood. The number of calories your body uses to perform these actions is technically called your basal metabolic rate (BMR) or how much your body burns while in a ''resting state.'' BMR is often simply referred to as ''metabolism.''



What determines your metabolism?

Your BMR, or metabolism, is determined by several factors. Some of these include your body size and composition (more muscle mass = higher BMR), your sex (men tend to have a higher BMR), and your age (BMR decreases w ith age, as muscle mass tends to decrease with age).



So, how you can you boost your metabolism?

If you're looking to up your metabolism, which would make it easier for you to lose weight at a resting state, there are few ways you can go about this. Primarily, it's important to gain lean muscle mass. This has the highest direct correlation with a speedier metabolism, and will help with many other facets of your overall health and wellbeing.

Beyond this, there are a few tricks that can help boost your metabolism. For instance, there are certain antioxidants known to help your body with its fat burning process. There are also certain foods and drinks that will help you lengthen your workouts or have more productive workouts overall, which will help with your primary goal of increasing muscle mass. Tea is a great option that achieves both of these things – if you choose the right kind.



Tea Leaves

Best Teas to boost metabolism (and help you lose weight)



Black Tea

Black tea is likely the first thing you think of when you think of tea in general. Black tea is a classic tea, enjoyed by cultures around the world for centuries. Black tea is known to aid in weight loss because it is a powerful agent in helping your body with fat burning.

There are two main reasons that black tea helps with weight loss: its antioxidant contents, and its caffeine content. Black tea is packed with flavones, which have been shown to support your body with excess fat burning.

Black tea is also known to contain a higher amount of caffeine than other teas, which makes it a great option to support your workout or get you moving more throughout your day.


Black Teas to Try

There are tons of black teas out there -- but not all are created equal. We recommend a high quality loose leaf black tea to ensure you're getting the most nutrients out of your tea. We also recommend finding a few different black teas to incorporate into your morning routine, while keeping things versatile so you always look forward to your morning cup of tea.

  1. Morning Black Tea
    Mosi's Morning Black Tea is a garden-picked black tea that is packed with antioxidants and caffeine. This can be enjoyed hot or iced, and is the perfect way to kick off your morning.
  2. Masala Chai Tea
    Mosi's Masala Chai Tea is a great option for weight loss. This spicy tea has a rich black tea base, and is boosted with anti inflammatory, metabolism boosting spices like cinnamon and ginger.



Rooibos Tea

Rooibos tea, also known as red bush tea, is an herbal tea that hails from South Africa. Though this is a caffeine free tea, it does contain aspalathin, a compound that may help with the breakdown of fat in the body. While more research is needed to prove the many theorized benefits of aspalathin, rooibos tea is still a great option to cure your late night sweet tooth, without the added caffeine of other teas.

Rooibos tea is also known to act as an anti inflammatory, and is especially hydrating because it is non-caffeinated. Both of these attributes will aid your body in the weight loss process.

If you're new to rooibos tea, we recommend starting with Mosi's Rooibos Lavender. This subtly nutty, yet sweet tea is hand-picked from the mountains of Cederburg, South Africa.



Green Tea

Green tea is probably the very first tea you associated with the best teas for weight loss. Green tea is absolutely packed with antioxidants, particularly catechins, which have been positively associated with weight loss for decades. A study found that women who had green tea extract for 12 weeks had greater weight loss and reduced belly fat. A review of 14 studies in 2014 showed that obese participants lost an average of 0.44-7.7 pounds more compared to those who did not have green tea in a 12-week period.

Because green tea has been touted as a great weight loss ally for so long, many look to green tea extract to help with weight loss. Green tea extract is a main ingredient in many weight loss supplements, and while this is a great way to get your antioxidants in, it leaves out the opportunity to get extra hydrated by your cup of green tea.

To maximize the health benefits of green tea, you should brew your own at home using fresh tea leaves. This will help you avoid the additives in bottled green teas or weight loss supplements.


Mosi Vanilla Matcha Tea

Green Teas to Try

  1. Mosi's Vanilla Matcha Tea
    Matcha tea is a great option for weight loss. Matcha has a highly concentrated amount of antioxidants. It is also high in caffeine and l theanine, which helps keep your energy steady rather than hitting an afternoon caffeine crash. Mosi's Vanilla Matcha is also the perfectly sweet treat, sans the sugar.
    Drinking a cup of matcha tea before a workout has been shown to boost fat oxidation long after the workout, thus boosting long term weight loss.
  2. Mosi's Green Mint Tea
    Mosi's Green Mint tea is another great green tea option that is packed with antioxidants. Plus, the mint in this tea helps to aid digestion, which can help you feel more full.



Mosi Everest Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea for Weight Loss

Oolong tea is another great option if you aren't a fan of the traditional black or green teas. A study in 2009 found that over 64-66% obese and overweight participants in a six-week study while drinking 8 grams of oolong tea per day lost more than two pounds.

Oolong tea, like green tea, is absolutely packed with antioxidants and has both a high level of l-theanine and medium level of caffeine. Where oolong tea differs most from the other options is that it has a very unique flavor, which is woody yet fruity.

We recommend trying our Everest Oolong tea, which are premium, loose leaf tea leaves hand-picked from the Himalayan foothills.



Mosi Tea Infuser

Overall Tips for Drinking Tea for Weight Loss

While drinking tea in general has a ton of health benefits, certain types of tea are especially great for boosting your metabolism and helping with losing weight. But overall, the best way to see results from drinking tea is by drinking it consistently. To create a sustainable tea routine, we recommend that you find simple and easy ways to enjoy tea no matter how busy you get.

To easily brew loose leaf tea or matcha on the go, check out Mosi's all-in-one portable infuser.


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