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Camping & Adventure Travel with Tea - Mosi Tea

I have always loved the outdoors. My childhood summers were spent in Northern Ontario canoeing through Algonquin Provincial Park. On those trips, my parents helped instill in me a great appreciation for nature and life on the water. Since then, I have been fortunate to have traveled the world and have experienced some of the most beautiful natural places on earth.

Recently, I did a 5-day rafting trip down the Lower Salmon River in Idaho, also known as the “River of No Return,” with one of my two daughters. The trip was put on by Oars, a company which has a long tradition of nature conservation. The Salmon River is one of the longest naturally flowing rivers in the United States without a dam on its mainstem. As such, the true natural beauty and dynamics of the river remain intact. The water is crystal clear, the campsites are pristine, and the scenery is breathtaking.  All rafters adhere to the strict code of no trace camping, meaning you carry out ALL your waste.

Mosi Travel Tea Tumbler

I love to drink tea over the course of the entire day. I enjoy at least two cups in the morning, three during the afternoon and an herbal tea at night (sometimes spiked depending on the type of day). For this trip, I brought two infusers, a tin of Morning Black and a tin of Rooibos Lavender. Enjoying my morning tea while fly fishing as the Sun began to peak over the mountains was an incredible experience. 

Fly Fishing with Tea

Here are some reasons why I think that our All-in-One tea tumbler is the ultimate brewing device for adventure travel on the water. First, it floats. It has a latch that you can connect a carabiner to and fasten it to your life vest. If you happen to drop it, however, it will never sink. Our leak proof lid means that water cannot get in or out. That means that you can toss it into a dry bag with confidence that it will not leak. The travel tea tumbler is shatter resistant. You can drop it on rocks, and it will be fine. It is built strong. With the different attachments, it is still very compact, meaning it is like packing a coffee brewer, matcha bowl, and tea set all in. Finally, its easy to fill on the go, just pour water through the spout, flip it upside down and turn over once it finishes brewing. This allows you to save time and mess trying to brew quickly on the go.

Mosi on the River

I highly recommend camping with a personal Jetboil. This will allow you to boil water very quickly to pour into your Mosi All-in-One infuser. For this trip, I enjoyed drinking Morning Black tea in the morning and at lunch. I would then put some Vodka in the bottom of the infuser with honey and brew a refreshing Rooibos Lavender cocktail to end a long day on the river before falling asleep under the stars.

At Mosi, we spent years developing a product that allows people to brew anything anywhere. It is always rewarding when you can take a product on a wilderness adventure, and it performs as intended. You can check out a video from this amazing trip on the Mosi YouTube channel.

Salmon River Idaho

Adventure awaits. Where will you take your Mosi?




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