Creating a Tea Routine

The secret to taking your wellness routine to the next level? Tea.
Creating a Tea Routine - Mosi Tea

Creating any new routine is challenging. As habit experts often explain, the things you do every day quickly become automatic -- and trying to shift those things to create new habits can feel daunting, or even impossible.

But if you've been reading up on tea, and learning about the many health benefits it offers, you may start to have an itch to turn this knowledge into a new routine. Drinking tea every day has been shown to reduce anxiety, ward off illness and disease, and promote a better sleep. In short, creating a daily tea ritual can completely alter your wellness routine for the better. So why not start today? In this blog, we'll share a few of our best tips for starting a daily routine rooted in tea.



Find a Tea Preparation Method That You Love

There are so many different ways to prepare tea, and different people have different preferences. The best tea preparation method is the one that you can stick to most easily, and incorporate easily into your wellness routine. While you may be tempted to resort to tea bags for convenience, you'll find that loose leaf tea brews a much higher quality tea. Plus, the variety of tea that you can find in the loose leaf format certainly surpasses the limited batch of tea bags. And most importantly, using loose leaf tea means that you will avoid adding a dose of microplastics into your daily routine -- an unfortunate byproduct of using tea bags.

Luckily, there are easier ways that you can prepare your favorite loose leaf tea while keeping things convenient. If you're still looking for a tea preparation method to suit your busy life, try a portable infuser. Portable infusers allow you to brew your tea on the go, and may just be the seret to easily incorporating tea into your daily routine.

Mosi's Portable Tea Infuser is a great option to get started. This infuser is made with triton, the material used to make baby products and medical devices, which looks glass-like but is completely shatter resistant and keeps things insulated with its double-walled feature. Plus, with the different attachments, you can brew anything from matcha tea to loose leaf black tea on the go-- you can even cold brew your coffee or tea overnight.

Rather than needing to bring a mug on the go or try to find a heat-resistant cup, a portable infuser is a great way to get started on your tea journey. Your morning tea and afternoon tea just got a whole lot easier to bring with you on-the-go.

For your nighttime tea, or if you prefer to brew your tea at home, think about investing in some nice teaware, like a mug you love or a simple tea infuser.



Create a Morning Tea Ritual

If you're used to drinking coffee every morning, you may be intimidated by the idea of switching o tea. How will you get your energy boost without your cup of joe? Luckily, there are some incredible caffeinated options for your morning tea, and you may even find that they will leave you more energized throughout the day than a coffee would, by eliminating jitters or a crash.

Some great options for your morning tea include black tea, green tea or matcha. All of these options will give you a kick of energy, and they also all have l-theanine in them, an amino acid known to help you focus.

For best results, start your morning tea ritual before you even open up your computer or scroll through your phone. These first few moments of mindfulness will grow to be a sacred time for you, and help you start your day calmly and with ease. As the light dose of caffeine kicks in later through the day, you can start to experience the energizing benefits of your morning routine.

To quickly adopt this wellness routine, consider leaving your tea materials out the night before. If you enjoy an iced tea or cold brewed tea, you can even brew your tea the night before to take on the go, and simply leave your portable infuser in the fridge to grab on your way out in the morning.



Our Favorite Morning Teas


Rose Black Tea

Mosi's Rose Black Tea is a true black tea from the upper valley of Assam and Darjeeling, India. This woody, yet delicate tea is blended with dried rose petals from the mountains of Kashmir for a light floral taste that will add a touch of sunshine to your morning.

As a black tea, it is higher in caffeine and is packed with antioxidants to fuel your day and boost your immune system.


Earl Grey Tea

Our Earl Grey tea is high in caffeine to kick off your morning. Garden-picked Assam is paired with floral bergamot orange for a smooth, citrusy blend. Bergamot has also been shown to be associated with stress relief, which means that this caffeinated tea will still help you relax before you kick off your day.



Enjoy an Afternoon Tea

After lunch, the inevitable sweet tooth (followed by a sugar crash) will likely kick in. If you work in an office, you may resort to low quality office coffee with creamer to cure this energy crash and sugar craving. Instead, consider adding in a post-lunch cup of tea to aid your digestion and help power you through the rest of your day.

To make it easier to adopt an afternoon tea routine, consider bringing your tea with you to your workplace. When you finish lunch, simply add some hot water to your portable infuser, and you'll have the perfect tea in minutes -- no more waiting in line for the coffee machine.



Our Favorite Afternoon Teas


Vanilla Matcha

Mosi's Vanilla Matcha tea is the perfect afternoon beverage to replace your workplace coffee. Matcha from Japan is paired with vanilla from Australia for a warm, creamy combination. The combination of light caffeine with powerful l-theanine will help you stay focused throughout the rest of your day, without keeping you up all night.

Pro tip: Enjoy your vanilla matcha as a latte to replace your normal afternoon espresso latte. It'll hit the same sweet craving, without the added jitters.


Masala Chai Tea

Another great option for a post-lunch cup of tea is a hot masala chai. Masala Chai tea has a bit of a caffeine kick, and its spicy flavors will help wake you back up to avoid your afternoon slump.

The cinnamon and ginger in masala chai will not only awaken your sense, but will also help aid digestion by acting as an anti-inflammatory.



A Cup of Tea Before Bed

If you're looking for a better sleep, look no further than a simple cup of tea. Herbal tea is known to be a great option to calm down after a tough day of work. Herbal teas contain little to no caffeine, so they won't interfere with your sleep, and many herbal teas actually contain ingredients known to promote relaxation and sleep. If you choose to add in an evening tea ritual, we have a few suggestions.

If you're looking for a way to make it easier to add this self care routine to your typical nighttime routine, look for a way to 'habit pair.' This means pairing your tea routine with an existing routine -- like brewing your tea as you put on pajamas, or sipping tea as you read your book.



Our Favorite Bedtime Teas


Rooibos Lavender

Lavender has consistently been associated with improving sleep. From aromatherapy techniques to lavender baths, this flower is known to help induce sleep.

One of our favorite bedtime teas is Mosi's Rooibos Lavender. This caffeine free herbal tea has a lightly nutty flavor from the South African rooibos that is beautifully enhanced by floral lavender. With added hints of honey, this lightly sweet drink will have you drifting off to sleep in no time.


Green Chamomile

Like lavender, chamomile tea comes from a flower. The essential oils from the chamomile flower have been shown to act as a natural sleep aid for centuries. Mosi's Green Chamomile is a loose leaf blend of garden-picked green tea, chamomile flowers and lemongrass. While green tea does have some caffeine in it, Mosi's Green Chamomile is very low in caffeine.


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