How to Make the Perfect Cup of Matcha

It’s time to un-complicate matcha.
How to Make the Perfect Cup of Matcha - Mosi Tea

Making the perfect cup of matcha is both an art and a science. If you've ever had matcha in Japan, or at an authentic Japanese cafe, you know that there is a difference between good and great matcha. When you're making matcha at home, it often feels impossible to nail that perfect matcha -- but it is possible.

There are many articles online that will share the best ways to make matcha -- most of which are focused on the tools you need to make that flawless cup. Before clouding your brain (or loading up your online shopping cart) with all the fancy tools -- from a bamboo whisk (chasen) to a special ceramic bowl -- we have a few tips to share with you to un-complicate the process, and still get a ridiculously good cup of matcha.



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High-Quality Matcha is Key

The most important factor in making the tastiest, most authentic cup of matcha is to start out with a high-quality matcha tea. First and foremost, you should only be purchasing matcha that was made in Japan. True matcha is sourced from Japan, where it originated. Mosi Tea's Vanilla Matcha is sourced from the famous Shizuoka Prefecture in Japan, which is known around the world for its matcha.

You may find culinary-grade matcha at your local store. Culinary-grade matcha is just that -- made to be used in culinary dishes, like baked goods, rather than drank. This means that it will not be as potent in flavor. If you are only using your matcha in baked goods or smoothies this may suffice. But if you're drinking your matcha straight or enjoying it as a rich, creamy latte, you'll want a higher grade matcha.

Ceremonial-grade matcha is typically more expensive, but always worth the extra buck. The reason it's more expensive is because growing, harvesting, and grinding the high-quality green tea leaves into a green tea powder is very labor-intensive, and then the tea still needs to be shipped from Japan to the States.

You also should buy matcha in small batches in either a tin or an opaque bag. This is important because you need to keep your matcha fresh for an optimal cup.



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What Equipment Do You Really Need?

If you've been reading up on matcha, you may have been convinced that you need all of the fancy tools to make a great cup of matcha. In fact, you can still make an amazing matcha tea without fancy tools.

The two main things you need to prepare your matcha are a whisk and a bowl. While bamboo matcha whisks, known as chasen, are typically recommended, a silicone whisk can also do the job. What's important is the shape of the whisk, which is not shaped like a baking whisk. You'll want a very flexible whisk, that allows air to get in while you whisk to produce a foam on top.

Mosi's whisk attachment for the all-in-one infuser is a great option. This flexible silicone whisk is easy to clean and BPA-free.

You also should use a bowl to create a true matcha. The bowl is part of the traditional Japanese method of making matcha, and allows the most room for whisking. In Japan, it's customary to have a special ceramic bowl for your whisking, but this isn't necessary. You can really use any vessel that allows this room. When you're using your Mosi Tea infuser to make matcha, you can detach the whisk, use it in a bowl for the premium matcha experience, and reattach it to take on the go. As your matcha settles or the foam fades throughout the day, you can simply shake up the infuser to whisk again with ease.

Whisking vigorously is important to ensure both the foamy texture and also make sure there are no clumps in your resulting matcha. This is why it's great to have Mosi's whisk as an attachment for your portable tea infuser. If you are running out the door, you will still have the opportunity to properly whisk your matcha on-the-go.



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Can You Make Matcha Without a Whisk?

While whisking is important to making the most authentic cup of matcha tea, you do not need a matcha whisk to make a delicious matcha beverage. While you may not get the characteristic crema froth without a whisk, so long as you are using high-quality matcha tea and dissolving it in water, you will have a great cup of matcha green tea. We recommend using a jar or portable cup to make matcha without a whisk.

To still get a great cup of matcha without a whisk, we recommend sifting your matcha into your jar or portable cup. This will help avoid clumps in the future, and make for a smoother blend. Then, simply shake vigorously until your matcha has dissolved and there's a bit of a froth on top.

You also can use a milk frother for this process if you have one on hand. Handheld frothers, or electric whisks, can be used in any vessel and will nicely blend your matcha.

If you are using one of these alternative methods to make your matcha, it's especially important that you nail the rest of the process.



Nail the Matcha to Water Ratio

This is perhaps the most important part of your matcha making routine. Typically, a great matcha to water ratio is about 2 grams of matcha powder to 70-80 grams of water, or about a teaspoon of matcha to 1/2 cup of water. Once you've achieved a nice froth, you can add more water to your liking.



Water Temperature Matters

Even if you're going to be enjoying a cold matcha latte, it is important to whisk your matcha with hot water. Matcha dissolves best in hot water, around 185F or just below boiling. Unlike other teas, you don't need to be as finicky with the exact temperature -- just make sure there is noticeable steam.

If you do end up making an iced matcha latte, just wait for your matcha to cool off a bit after whisking and before adding your ice and milk.



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With the right matcha and a few of our tips and tricks, you can always make an incredible cup of matcha tea or a great matcha latte. If you are new to matcha and don't know where to start, we recommend trying to make your matcha with our all-in-one infuser. This is the only tea infuser with a detachable matcha whisk, which will allow you to seamlessly transition your daily tea routine to include matcha on-the-go. And if you're still warming up to the taste of matcha, try out our Vanilla Matcha tea for an added hint of vanilla sweetness to ease yourself into the taste.

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