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The Kickstarter story that brewed our brand
Mosi Tea Kickstarter - Mosi Tea

Mosi Tea Infuser

In 2019, we launched a Kickstarter with the hopes of bringing our vision for a revolutionary tea infuser to life. Over the course of two years, we far surpassed our initial expectations - raising over $495,000 from backers all over the world. 

The idea to create a loose leaf tea infuser came during a walk. I was chatting with my wife about a tea infuser I had just seen, and how none of the infusers I’d seen were truly doing tea justice. Some infusers left the loose tea leaves on the bottom, others were made of glass which were fragile and subject to combustion, and plastic infusers often contained BPA and other harmful chemicals. I knew there had to be a way to optimize tea infusers, and make loose leaf tea more accessible for the average consumer. 


Mosi Loose Leaf Tea

I began working with a designer to draft a vision for a better infuser, determined to share my passion for quality, loose leaf tea with the world. Soon, Mosi was born: the first multi-brew infuser made out of triton, the glass-like material used to make baby products and medical devices. We carefully thought through every challenge typically presented by tea infusers and worked to eliminate it. The resulting product, Mosi’s Multibrew Tea Infuser, is dishwasher safe, non-toxic, completely leak proof and shatter resistant, double walled to hold temperature, and stain resistant. Our patented unique, interchangeable sieve design brings back the thoughtful craft of the tea-making process, without sacrificing ease and portability. 

While we were confident in our answer to the tea infuser problem, we also knew that we needed public support to make Mosi a true success. We decided to launch the Mosi Tea Kickstarter to help fund our startup, while also bringing together a strong community of tea fans from all over the world. 

The Mosi Tea Kickstarter launched with a fundraising goal of $15,000 to kick off our business. In just four short hours, we were fully funded – and by the end of our initial raise, we had far surpassed that figure. We reached over $495,000 in total: a whopping 33x our goal. Our backers came from over 85 different countries, demonstrating the worldwide desire for a better way to brew. Throughout the raise, we updated our funders regularly, sharing major milestones, product updates, and behind-the-scenes of navigating supply chain issues and road blocks of shipping across the world.

We had never anticipated hitting such a milestone, let alone reaching the top .5% of over 300,000 Kickstarter campaigns. Mosi Tea’s Kickstarter was not just the start of our business journey, but truly the beginning of a new era of tea. 


Mosi Tea Awards

Since launching, the infuser has been named the Best Tea Making Equipment Innovation by the World Tea Expo – a major milestone that we only were able to achieve with the immense support from our kickstarter backers. 


Mosi Tea

In May, we also launched a line of garden-picked, incredibly high quality loose-leaf teas. Our hope is to continue expanding our product offerings to help people easily discover and enjoy authentic, delicious tea. Throughout our journey, we will continue to update and reward our loyal backers, and grow an international community rooted in a true love for tea.

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