From Kickstarter to Your Cup: The Revolutionary Tea Hack That's Going Viral!

Discover the Game-Changing Tea Infuser That's Transforming Everyday Rituals into Moments of Zen.

1. Kickstarter Community-Approved

With over 7,000 backers contributing $458,200, Mosi isn't just an idea—it's a community favorite. These many supporters can't be wrong; they've found something special in Mosi that you could too.

2. Endorsed by Top Publications

When names like LA Weekly, Tea Journey, and World Tea News talk about a product, you listen. Mosi has been featured as a noteworthy solution for stress relief during the workday, making it a top pick for trying something new.

3. More Than Tea

Mosi isn't just your regular tea infuser. It's a system designed for wellness. If your current routine isn't cutting it for stress and anxiety, Mosi offers a fresh approach that's easy and enjoyable to incorporate into your daily life.

4. For Everyone, Coffee Lovers Included

You don't have to be a tea expert to enjoy Mosi. It's made for anyone seeking peace in a cup, especially those who usually prefer coffee. Mosi's unique tea experience might just convert you.

5. A Simple Step to Serenity

Mosi is about creating moments of peace amidst chaos. For those looking for an easy way to introduce calm into every day, Mosi's portable tea infuser and hand-picked teas provide a simple, soothing ritual.

How does it work?

It really is this easy.

1. Add loose-leaf tea to the sieve

2. Add water to steep.

3. Flip it back over, sip and enjoy. 

  • 1. Add loose-leaf tea to the sieve

  • 2. Add water to steep.

  • 3. Flip it back over, sip and enjoy.







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